Interaktiver Wunschbaum
  Ordos Park CN
  Yian Gallery
  "L´homme qui decide"

Art and Nature in the South Caucasus 2005
Wishful room of fortune"

For more than 2000 years the Caucasus has been characterized by a harmony of nature, culture and religion.

How shall this cultural biosphere progress from here?

The environment here raises the issue of two diametrically opposed forms of agriculture. In contrast to commercial practices of raising farm animals in the EU, the “ecotopian” agriculture of the Caucasus questions the [ruling] definition of progress for global life cultures.

The concepts nature – culture – religion are represented by the following work:

“Dreamtreebed” (aluminum object) Photographs from the Caucasus printed on silk Felt blanket (with the word “religion” in georgian, armenian german and asaibadschan language) produced in Telavi, Georgia Word Pillows “nature” in four languages (covert partly with plantings and partly with carpet) Photos Agriculture of European Union (DVD on a 7- inch LCD monitor).