Rooting- Derooting

  Interaktiver Wunschbaum
  Ordos Park CN
  Yian Gallery
  "L´homme qui decide"

primevall principle of expulsion and integration

Ordos Park Inner Mongolia CN

The monument is composed of four elements showing the process of rooting and uprooting. At the same time it reminds to the relation between human and nature. The sculpture is creating an imagination of the knowledge behind the visible and it is shown as a reflection of the vertical landscape in the context of environment.

It is a primeval principle of the cultural evolution of human and land use which includes also the expulsion and resettlement. The fact of abscondence is happening all over the world and many people have this karma of life. The green is the root and the tree (growth), the red is the fire (spirit) and the blood (body). The blue band is a sign for the world.