Balkoniade Hamburg
  art and ecology

  Hangul Garden
"" made out of plantpillows....

Abbild. IGS Hamburg (KlimaWasserWerke, 2009)

It is best if a watersupply is already existing near by, so that the objects can be irrigated either automatically or with a tube. These objects give the architecture a green building envelope. The relatively light vegetation objects can be mounted at a distance from the facade. (Full-scale green facades, which are mounted directly on the facade, often have problems with moisture, which is then too close at the window.) Without constant watering the green plant cladding is getting too dry.

The green works of art are like small balconies, such as "clouds" that capture rainwater. Excess water flows downward and should be rived to the next object.

The objects have little humus and are basically small filter plants. They can be fertilized with a liquid Íkosubstrat EM (Effective Microorganisms). This keeps the water clean and also contributes to evapotranspiration and environmental protection.

These are small habitats for insects that can be fed in spring and summer. This is very important , especially in cities. The objects have very bright green moss in the winter months, in the summer, with Saxifraga and Sempa Vivum it is easy to create beautiful habitats. This is similar to green roofs.