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  Artistic Research
Ph.D. Reseacrh Leuphana University Lüneburg
Institute of Culture Science and Methods

As an Environmental Artist and meanwhile Landscape Planner, I am working in the field of „Social Landart“, a term that I cofound during a series of collaborated artistic interventions.

Social Landart intend to slightly correct or better evolute Landart, which was grounded on the desire to leave institutional urban art spaces and connect to untouched nature. But this artistic liberation into a horizontal free field of land has lost more and more right to exist.

Almost every spot of our planet has its history, cultural and environmental treatment and or protection laws. Therefore Social Landart is more connected to the vertical levels of a land site, talking into account the socio-cultural and environmental past and its future; both at the same time and aspecting all possible and therefore trans-disciplinary creations of the spot, that artists and other disciplines are looking at.

Recently I am in the mid´s of a reflective scientific research on the qualities and outcome of Social Landart, which has a neighborhood to Social Sculpture and different forms of Environmental Art.