art and landscape
  art and landscape

  Vocabulum Hortus
The program of the artist Insa Winkler
Objects as an analog to nature ...(social) andart...landscaping..

metamorphoses and analogy in the context of art and landscape.

Insa Winklerís artistic research brings out the essential relations about human being and plants, original vegetation, relation to human and animal life.

Social Landart

Interdisciplinary projects consider about the environment and the relation between art, culture and nature. The focus on this work is to bring proposals for positive and creative solutions concerning agriculture, nature preservation, and conversion areas.

Landscape Planning

Insa Winkler is educated as a M.Sc. in architecture and environment. Her planning office focus on environmental general conceptions, sustainable landscape audit and socio-cultural landscape conversion.

Plant alphabet

Insa Winkler creates symbols about philosophy and science of the plant world. Sculptures in this context in stone, metal and experimental materials collaborate with landscape and in the context of gardens.