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German artist Insa Winkler works as a visual artist primarily about the environmental philosophic landscape; in sculpture, graphic art and land art and developed art works as social land art (social sculpture) and environmental philosophy.
Insa Winkler has a focus on humans and nature, landscape and ecology, and philosophy of the flora. In 1987 she received an Art Student Award of the German Federal Republic, in 1990 she was a visiting artist in Pittsburgh, and in 2003 she received the Culture Award of the County of Oldenburg. Projects include Nature Reservation Area of Moor, Damage Zone Chernobyl, Conservation of a Military Area in East Germany, Agriculture and Acorn Pig Farming, Flower of Sustainability. Out of this projects she determinated `social land art as an interactive concept of a transdiciplinary approach to the environment. She obtained a Master of Science for architecture and environment in 2009, recently her Ph.D research at Leuphana University Lüneburg is about the dialogue of art and sustainability.

Curriculum Vitae

Insa Winkler
M.Sc. Architecture and Environment, Dipl. Bildende Kunst

Born 1960 in Oldenburg North/WestGermany
1982 to 1988 Fine Arts at the Muthesiushochschule in Kiel, Germany
Norwich School of Art, GB and École des Beaux Arts, Toulon, France
1999 -2007 director of >slap (social land art project e.V.)
2009 M.Sc. for architecture and environment, University of Wismar
2009 founder of artecology_network e.V.
since 2010 Ph.D. at Leuphana University Lüneburg
Member of International Foundation of Landscape Architecture

Grants and Awards
1987 Award of the Federal Government for education and science, Bonn
1991 Travelling Grant to USA
1996 Working Grant Niedersachsen
2003 Art and Culture award of the Community Oldenburg

1989 - 1993 University Oldenburg,, Germany
1991 Chatham College, Pittsburgh, USA

Environmental works
1991/92 Intern. Art Symposium „MORE MOOR“, Niedersachsen
1996-98 Intern. Art Symposium, “REFLEXION CHERNOBYL“, D / CZ
2000 „Futura Exaktum“ Conversion of a Military Landscape, Rügen, KX-Kampnagel Hamburg
2002 Intern. Conference ART AND AGRICULTURE, Ganderkesee, >slap e.V.
2004 „Artists meet Farmers“, >slap e.V. , Hude
2003-2007 „The Acorn Pig Projekt“, Großenhain, Ganderkesee, Franfurt, Osnabrück
since 2007 "Flower of Sustainability"

Solo exhibitions (selection since 1998)
2015 „The Island of Clemes“, Castle of Sögel, D
2011 Konversion weitergedacht, Flandernbunker Kiel
2009 "Luftschloss Delmenhorst", Museum Nordwolle
2007 Yian Gallery, Daejon, South Korea, (catalogue)
2006 „Vegetabile Systeme“, Galerie Renate Kammer, Hamburg „Das Eichelschwein“, Projektraum Heike Strelow, Frankfurt/Main „Kunststätte Bosshard“, Jesteburg
2003 „OLB Stiftung“, Oldenburg
2002 „Flußbett“, Kunstraum Carmen Oberst, Hamburg
2001/2002 „Bibelkreuze“, Installation, Hanse-Merkur Versicherung, Hamburg/ Neues Rathaus Leipzig/ Klosterruine Hude
2000 „Wintergarten“, Installation, Projektraum Triloff, Köln
1998 „Vegetabilibus“, Oldenburger Kunstverein, (catalogue)

Exhibitions (selection since 1998)

2014 „Global Water Garden”, National Trust Bristol –Paradise, UK
2013"Sustainable City-Flower", Space SSEE, Arts Council of Korea,, S.KR
2012 Peacemonuments, Arboga , S
Atomic Legacy Art Exhibit for the 2012 Bioneers Conference, WEAD, California, USA
2009/2010 (Re-) Cycles of Paradise, Artport making waves and GGCA, Kopenhagen,DK
"KlimaWasserWerke", IGS, Hamburg
2008"Ecotopia"Ecological Strategies in Todays Art, Edith-Russ-Haus f. Medienkunst, Oldenburg
2007 „Skulpturenlandschaft Osnabrück“, (catalogue)
2006 „KunstLandschaft o6“, Elbeforum Brunsbüttel, (catalogue) „Pfl anzendialoge“, Harburger Kunstverein, (catalogue) „Ecotopia“ KfW Bank Berlin, Art Kaukasus, Tbilissi, (catalogue)
2005 „greenart.oldenburg“, Dresdner Bank, Berlin-Mitte, Prinzenpalais Oldenburg, (catalogue) 52. Landesschau Schleswig-Holstein, Burgkloster Lübeck, (catalogue) „Inner Nature“, Igong-gallery, Daejon, Korea, (catalogue)
2004 Paradiesgärten, City Nord Ebene +14, Hamburg, Installation (prize) „Natur ganz Kunst“, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, (catalogue) Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Korea, (catalogue)
2002 Internationale Triennale for small sculptures, Fellbach, (catalogue)
2000 Nord Art, Rendsburg
1999 Internationale Land Art Tage Dersau, Dersau, (catalogue)
1998 „Stationen“, Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum in Norderstedt, (catalogue)

Wasserlandschaft Ippenburg zur LGS Niedersachsen 2010
2005/2006/2007 Park and Garden, Stockseehof, Schleswig-Holstein,
2004/ 2005/2007 International Gardendesign, Schloss Ippenburg, Niedersachsen
2003 Royal Chaelsea Flowershow, London in Christopher Bradley-Holes´ „Garden From the Desert“ Weimarer Gartenlust, „Garden of Desire“, with Christopher Bradley-Hole

Sculptures in Public Space
2010 Ordos Park, Inner Monolia CN
2005 Johanna Mesdorf School, Kiel
1999 Federal Office of Ecology, Westerland, Sylt
1998 „Rheinisches Industriemuseum“, Solingen
1991 Comunity Office, Jever
1990 „Heimvolkshochschule Kardinal von Galen“, Cloppenburg
1989 Financial Office, Schleswig

Works in Public Collections
National Government Kiel, Citymuseum Oldenburg, University -Hospital Lübeck, Library of Örebro/Sweden, Provincial Hospital Oldenburg-Wehnen, Culture Ministery of Schleswig-Holstein, OLB Collection Oldenburg, Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Berlin (drawing),